Online Board Meetings Benefits

With many companies moving to working at home as a permanent option following the pandemic, teleconferences have become more common than ever. Meetings useful site via teleconferencing are efficient however there are some challenges to be weighed.

A lower level of engagement: Going remote could be initially intimidating for some attendees who aren’t accustomed to using the internet for communication, leading to a lower participation rate in the meeting. This can hinder board progress and derail the company’s agenda.

It can be a challenge to read facial expressions and body language during a virtual conversation and can lead to confusions. A lack of eye contact could cause some directors to feel less at ease and apathetic listeners. This is not good for boards.

The board portal can assist in resolving these issues. For instance an application for managing boards with a secure video conference feature makes it simple to record meetings and save important documents in one place. Directors can access documents and minutes from any device at any time.

It is also recommended to ensure that the meeting space is clean and distraction-free. For instance the meeting shouldn’t be held during mealtimes and everyone should turn off their phones when not speaking to prevent background noise. The chair should be able to observe all attendees in camera and encourage participants to use their microphones only in the event of need to ensure that everyone is not talking all at once.

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