A boardroom application is a digital device that improves board meeting processes. It provides a central communications and document storage as well as a meeting platforms that make it easy for directors to collaborate in a seamless manner and improves decision-making. It also reduces the amount of time that administrators have to spend on making plank packs and reduces waste paper.

A well-designed portal enables secure sharing and access to files, including documents that have been annotated or highlighted in the cloud. Users can edit the documents, view them, make annotations, or download documents based on their specific authorization settings. This is especially useful for board members that travel and aren’t able to attend meetings in person. In addition, it also helps to organize materials for meetings and increases transparency. It also reduces the risk of losing important documents or information since papers can be lost or packages can be lost or stolen during transit.

The main benefit is that a board portal reduces the amount work required by administrators and directors in order to prepare for in-person and virtual board meetings. This results in more efficient meetings and helps retain and recruit top-quality board members.

Additionally, boardroom applications help to make meetings more palatable for directors and committee members. It’s now easier than ever to stay up-to-date on materials and access meeting materials whenever you need them. The ability to highlight and categorize important information within documents allows directors to come prepared for a board meeting with a clear understanding of what is being discussed.

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